Vanishing Texas Vernacular Architecture

Where is Lost, Texas?

Lost, Texas is not a place on a map.  It is the recognition that the State’s vernacular architecture is slowly disappearing as a result of normal economic and societal changes over time.  This blog is an attempt to showcase examples of buildings around the State that still exist and sit abandoned, decaying, or in ruins.  For many of these buildings their original purpose and subsequent use is fairly obvious.  Unfortunately, for some, too little remains for us to have a clear understanding of their original use.  It is my hope that readers will help fill in the gaps of knowledge and contribute additional examples. Contributions of material from readers is welcomed and will be featured in subsequent posts.

The buildings showcased here were photographed by me, unless otherwise indicated, and are Copyrighted by Bronson Dorsey Photography.  If you would like to view other images, you can go to the Lost, Texas gallery at my website If you wish to use an image, you may obtain a license by contacting me.

Thanks for reading and participating in my effort.


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