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Peyton Colony School

Peyton Colony Schoolhouse

Peyton Colony was established as a “freedman’s community” in the mid-1860s by Peyton Roberts an ex-slave.  Freed slaves came from throughout the South to form a unique community in Central Texas.   In the early-1870s, the first church was built there as well as a log cabin school.  The old schoolhouse (right) - building date unknown - was the first black school in Blanco County.  The community of Peyton Colony no longer exists, but the Mt. Horab Baptist Church stands a few hundred feet from the old schoolhouse and appears to be active.

The weathered wood siding, rusting metal roof, missing windows, and sagging floor are sad reminders that this building’s better days are behind it.  Inside are a few remnants of hand-built desks, and a scattering of more modern furnishings.  For more images of  the Peyton Colony School click here.

Peyton Colony, now Peyton, is located east of Blanco, Texas west of the junction of Ranch Road 165 and County Road 409.  More information may be found at the Handbook of Texas Online and Texas Escapes.


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