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A Mystery Near Langtry

Guy's in Langtry

This is the building that started my quest to find Lost, Texas.  I was returning to Austin from  a photo shoot in Big Bend State Park on US Hwy. 90 when I passed the turn-off to Langtry.  There was a lag of about three seconds before my brain recognized the cool buildings and compelled me to slow down and turn around.  What I found was a group of three buildings in various states of disrepair.  All were were wood-framed, faced with either wood siding or stucco.  The roofing had, for the most part, disappeared leaving rafters and lathing, which created wonderful patterns of light on the interiors.  And each of the buildings had faded signs on them that hinted at their former lives.  Given their proximity to the tourist attraction of Langtry, I wondered if they had supported the tourist trade earlier in their lives.  The signs on the building certainly suggest so.

See more photos from Langtry here.  The buildings are located at the intersection of US Hwy. 90 and SI 25 about one-half mile west of the Pecos River bridge.


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