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Lost, Texas

Vanishing Texas Architectural Heritage

Month / April 2011


Marfa exists on (at least) two planes.  One is the small town in the high-desert of  Southwest Texas – its history rich with commerce, art, and government.  The other plane on which Marfa exists is more ephemeral…almost a state of mind.  The first one is fortunately still tangible, albeit not what it used to be.  […]

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Located near Katemcy Creek off  U.S. Hwy. 87 about halfway between Brady and Mason, the community of Katemcy (and the creek) was named after a Comanche chief named Ketemoczy who signed a treaty with John O. Meusebach in 1847 near the town’s current location.  Meusebach was the founder of Fredericksburg and notable for his success […]

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Located in rural Central Texas, Sharp is one of those “blink your eye and you miss” places.  And I almost did.  The community grew up around a Presbyterian church that was built in the 1870s and was named after William Frank Sharp, a physician in nearby Davila.  In 1895-96, a General Store (above) was built […]

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